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Agile Android Software Development

The only free book about Android programming using Agile tools & techniques!

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Have you ever dreamed you could create the next Pokemon Go, Instagram, Candy Crush, or WhatsApp?

This book teaches you how to turn your ideas into successful apps that everyone will talk about, love, and share. With Agile tools and techniques, any developer can get a chunk of the Android pie!

Large corporations spend crazy amounts of money in mobile advertising to be first in Google Play charts. This is because there is big revenue to be made for those who can make it to the top. (Check out revenues to be convinced.) The only way you can compete with them is by being more agile. This means you have to do more than just make an app and hope that users will come magically—your app should be exceptional, unique, original—and you must be the first to market!

How is this book different from other Android programming books?

Most books about Android programming are written for novices and there are only a few books targeting intermediate to advanced Android programmers. Even worse, there isn't a single book on the market that teach Android programming best practices from day 1.

In contrast, select any book about Ruby on Rails programming and chances are it will have, at the very least, one chapter about writing unit tests or test driven development (TDD)!

This is why I have written this book for intermediate-level Android developers: I've searched and reviewed many books looking for tips about using Agile methodologies with Android, and I've found nothing! There are a lot of tools out there to improve your life as an Android developer and Agile practitioner, but only scarce documentation about it.

This book teaches you everything you need to know to develop top-quality apps and will take you to the next level with Android.

Agile Android Software Development is the only book about writing Android software faster, and better than your competition using Agile. Go ahead, search for one book on the subject. You will not find any.

What you will learn from this book

  • How to use best-of-breed tools used in the software industry to help your own Agile Android projects;
  • Tips and techniques on how to market and monetize your Android apps;
  • How to use automation to continuously build, test, analyze and optimize your source code;
  • How to apply the Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) concept to your Android software projects;
  • How to use techniques such as BDD, TDD, and code reuse to structure your Agile Android projects;
  • How to scale when your Android app business grows;
  • What and when to optimize using metrics to guide your decisions;
  • How to apply Lean Startup principles while developing your Android business (i.e. implement a Build-Measure-Learn loop);
  • How to reduce time-to-market;
  • What to do with legacy Android apps;
  • Tips on how to develop a technological watch strategy to ensure you're always on the edge of innovations with Android;
  • And much, much, much more!!!


On top of all his excellent work translating the book into French he still pledged generously to the Kickstarter campaign for the 2nd edition. Thank you, Étienne!

Your book looks really interesting! I’m already working full-time as a Java/C# developer and I’m eager to learn mobile software development but the evenings are too short! So I want to work smarter. I believe that your book will help me achieve this goal. Good luck with this great project!

Francis Perreault

Software Developer

Your book makes me want to learn Android programming!

Martin Chabot

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

We have benefited from Étienne's knowledge and experience with several Open Source tools.

Stéphane Nolin

Director, Software R&D at AV&R

Étienne is an excellent programmer who knows an impressive amount of technology and libraries. He is very productive and provides solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

Stéphane Hamel

Software Architect

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