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4.2 Who should read this book

This book is targeted at experienced software developers who are familiar with at least one Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language, such as C++, C#, or Java. You should also have some basic understanding of source code control (preferably Git), shell scripting and Linux (if you know how to open a command shell, you will do great).

The techniques and tools shared in this book are presented mostly in the context of a team of one—that is, one indie developer who wants to take his Android development workflow to the next level. The concepts presented in this book can also apply to larger teams, but this is not our main audience.

To get the most from this book, you should already have read one or more entry-level books about Android programming (see the following Recommanded References section), and you should already have released one or more Android apps to Google Play.

This book does not cover Android basics, but it does its best to address all those questions you may end up with after we present advanced topics. In the case where some intermediate to advanced knowledge is required to fully understand a topic, you are provided with references to look up.

Additionally, if you have some experience with Agile software projects, this will give you a head start, but it is not required.

Finally, if you are an experienced developer working full-time for your boss’s software company—and dreaming of doing your own things—you will find food for thought in this book. Likewise, if you’re looking to improve your Android programming workflow, learn new tools and techniques, develop more agile apps—and even make some money with Android—this book is definitely for you!

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